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  • Providence / Mahe | Mahe
  • 4.1 km from Victoria / 6.5 km from Airport
  • Better than a picture: your 3D colored figurine!!! In different sizes
    A souvenir of a special event (wedding, graduation, anniversary), gift
    Aerial photography by drone and terrain 3D modeling
    Reproduction of work of art


Our offer

A holiday’s souvenir or a souvenir of a special event!
Wedding, graduation, pregnancy, birthday, surprise, dressed with your favourite clothes.
Can be produced in several sizes.
Create your 3D figurine:
3D acquisition: A light scanner is used to take numerous pictures simultaneously (16 frames per second). One to two minutes are required for a human body. Our scanner presents no
safety risks for people
3D modeling: our graphic designer provides image processing, 3D modeling and layeringup of the colored texture faithful to the original model.
3D printing: your figurine is produced on one of the most advanced 3D printers.

About us

TFC - International (Pty) Ltd is a company specialized in the implementation of 3D modeling technologies.

We use various highly innovative technologies for our achievements:
Autopilot drones for 3D terrain modeling and aerial photo topography.
Land mobile mapping (Cameras + GPS technologies) for the 3D modeling of road/railway networks.
The Light scanner for 3D modeling of human bodies, industrial parts and art objects.

SENPA Building B - 4B 1st floor - Rue D'Haora - Providence
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm (or by appointment) ASK US ALSO FOR 3D MAPPING
Aerial photography by drone and terrain 3D modeling