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  • Near beach | Take-away
  • Grand Anse / Praslin | Praslin
  • 7.6 km from Jetty / 3.2 km from Airport
  • The best and freshest pizzas on the island at the lowest prices possible
    We offer traditional pizzas like Margherita, Marinara, Regina, Quatro Stagioni, Calzone
    The ideal place for locals to stop at anytime but we do also deliveries to their home or workplace
    Tourists who want to relax at the beach,their appart, their hotel just drop by and get their pizza
    We are open from 12: 00 to 22:00, we are closed on tuesdays

Island Pizzeria

Our offer

We constantly aim to present the best and freshest product at the lowest prices possible. Our quality pizza is freshly baked everyday with a guarantee of the best pizza on the island! Our pizzas have a lot of different ingredients.

About us

Don't we all love pizza! At Island Pizzeria, we offer all sorts of exquisitely garnished pizza.
Located at Grand Anse, we have become very popular since we opened. Our food is genuine and well priced so that public demand is really impressive. Regular clients stop to shop on their way home or during lunch break, or call us to have special deliveries made to their home or workplace. Tourists who want to relax at the beach / their appartment / their hotel just drop by and get their pizzas within 20 minutes. The outdoor seating is made of plastic chairs and tables, surrounded by a garden, but we can also make delivery of your fresh pizza at an extra cost! For more info call on 258 05 15 or 423 72 58. We are closed on Tuesdays.