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  • Cafe | Terrace
  • Eden Plaza / Eden Island / North East Mahe | Mahe
  • 4.1 km from Victoria / 6.5 km from Airport
  • Chatterbox is the best coffee shop In Seychelles
    Open 7-days a week including public holidays from 8:00am till late at night
    Unique & vibrant café, is the new 'in place to meet with friends and emjoy the menu
    Enjoy a tasty breakfast and a constantly rotating menu of dishes for lunch & dinne
    Proudly use ILLY 100% Arabica Coffee and added FREE WIFI services

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Chatterbox caters for the refined tastes and culinary preferences of todays discerning diners with a wide range of drinks including hot & ice coffee.
club sandwiches, salads, gourmet stacks , pizza desserts and assorted cakes.

About us

The name of the café originates from Durban in South Africa and refers to a cross-fit training gym, called a ‘box’. People would come for a meal and meet up for a chat before or after gym, hence the name chatterbox.